Carpet Bowls is a smaller and adapted version of the traditional game of Bowls. It is played indoors on a Carpet measuring 30 foot long by 6 foot wide, which can easily be rolled up and stored. The bowls used are smaller than the traditional game and are more comfortable to handle.

Carpet Bowls was first known to be established, in its current format, in the 1980’s, starting in Village Halls and now is also played in Community Centre’s, Schools, Sports Centre’s and any other similar indoor venue where there is sufficient space.

It is played for recreational and competitive purposes with local leagues and competitions held on a regular basis, to add to its interest and pleasure. The game is played in a similar format throughout many Counties and there are currently 90 registered clubs within Essex.

The game suits all ages from the early teens to those in their nineties and relies upon skill and guile rather than physical strength. Other general information can be found on the English Carpet Bowls Association website

To learn or remind yourself of the rules of the game click here to view.

To watch the English Carpet Bowls Association introductory video click here.