Winter League Season 2023/24 

 Match 8 - West Bergholt v Highwoods - played on Thursday 15th February 2024

The Highwoods team played the first of three difficult away matches at West Bergholt who beat them convincingly at this venue last season. However the Highwoods team put in one of their best performances of the season to come away with a 6 - 2 victory.

It started promisingly in the first session with the first Four of Colin Hawkins/David Rule/Ray Spencer/Greg King using the first three ends to feel their way into the game before taking control and winning by a comfortable margin of 12 - 5. It was a good win for the team with Ray in particular in good form.

The first Pair of Irene Rule & Diane Orrin came up against an inspired home team skip. Irene & Diane started well and the match was evenly contested for the first 4 ends, however the home team then took control and won 11-2 although the final score perhaps flattered the home team.

It was a promising start but the second session got better for Highwoods

The second Four of Brenda Kettle/Brian Woodward/Glenyce King/Peter Orrin were in outstanding form with all the team playing well and they won easily by 14 - 2

The closest match of the night was the second Pairs where the Highwoods Pair of Sue Miller & Sheila Near started so well to build up a 6 - 1 lead after six ends. However the the home pair rallied in the later ends but Sue & Sheila held on with some good bowling and won the match 7 - 5 to give the team a well earned and first away win of the season.

The team now travel to Dedham next Tuesday to play another difficult match (& location) against one of the current league leaders, before they take on Elmstead Market two weeks later against the other current top team.

Match 7 - Highwoods v Lawford - played on Friday 9th February 2024

The Highwoods team played a further home match against Lawford. It was another close match with the results going against the team in the first session when they lost two close matches. However, they were able to win both matches in the second session to record a good 4 - 4 draw.

The first session saw the Pair of Marilyn Bennet & Diane Orrin starting well and in an even match throughout there was never more than one shot between the teams. The went into the last end at 5-5 but the Lawford Skip was able to take two shots on the last end to win 7-5. A similar pattern was seen in the Fours match when the Highwoods Four of Colin Hawkins/Debby Sherwood/Greg King/Peter Orrin were leading by one shot after 7 ends. However the visitors took one shot on the last two ends to win another close match

The second session saw a turn round for the Highwoods team.

The second Four of Sue Miller/David Rule/John Woodrow/Martin Bennet won in style by 15-1 helped by some exception lead bowling throughout the match by Sue Miller. The second pair of Brenda Kettle & Sheila Near had a poor second end when they dropped 4 shots. But they came back in style thereafter to win comfortably with some good bowling.

The team now have a run of away matches at West Bergholt/Dedham & Elmstead Market in the next three weeks which will hopefully consolidate a mid table position.

 Match 6 - Highwoods v Langham - played on Friday 12th January 2024

The Highwoods Team were back in League action after the Christmas & New Year Break. It turned out to be the closest match of the season so far, the Team just lost out losing 3 - 5 to Langham, but only after a freak shot in the second Pairs match when an overall win looked the only outcome.

The first session started well with the Highwoods Four of Irene Rule/John Essex/Brenda Kettle/Diane Orrin in dominant form, winning their match comfortably 12-3. The First Pair of Joan Clark & Peter Orrin played well in a close match and were level at 7-7 going into the last end. However the Langham lead bowler got two early bowls on the jack and despite their best efforts the Highwoods pair were unable to move the jack and just lost out.

 The second session saw the Highwoods Four of Christine Woodrow/Brian Woodward(making his home debut)/Sheila Near/Glenyce King starting well and were 7-2 up after 6 ends. However they lost momentum in the final three ends with the away skip snatching a late winning bowl to finish the game as a 7 - 7 draw

 It was the second pair of Sue Miller & Greg King who were involved in the third close match of the night which saw an unbelievable and freakish last bowl. Sue & Greg built an early lead and despite a comeback by the Langham pair, the home team led 7 - 5 going into the last end. Good bowling by Sue & Greg saw them holding shot with two other of their bowls close and the game looking to be won with just one bowl to go. However the jack had been moved off the centre line and the Langham skip had no option but to fire and hope. The unbelievable happened with three home team close bowls being taken out to give them an unexpected four shots and freakish 9-7 win.

The team now has a short break to regroup before the next home match against Lawford on Friday 9th February 2024.

 Match 5 - Highwoods v Dedham - played on Friday 8th December 2023

The Highwoods Team produced an excellent performance against Dedham recording their first win of the season by 6 - 2. The win takes them into the mid table position in the league and back on track to chase for the league title.

 The First session started well for the Team. The first Pair of Joan Clark & Peter Orrin were playing at their best and led 6 -0 after two ends and were 10 -1 up by end five. They built upon this against a strong Dedham pair who struggled with the speed and width of the carpet and ran out easy winners by 20 - 4.

The first Four of Christine Woodrow/Brenda Kettle/Debby Sherwood/Martin Bennet were initially involved in a close match being 1 - 4 down after five ends. However they then took four shots on each of the next two ends and again with some excellent bowling ran out as comfortable winners by 14 - 4. A good first session.

To record Highwoods first win of the season it needed some further strong performances in the second session.

The second Four of Colin Hawkins/John Essex/Ray Spencer/John Woodrow came up against a strong (Triple instead of Four) with Dedham playing one short and it proved too much losing out 4 - 15.

The final outcome all rested upon the second Pair of Marilyn Bennet & Greg King and what a match to finish. It was always close with the visitors   6 - 4 up after seven ends. However Marilyn & Greg took one shot on end eight to set up an interesting last end. Some excellent bowling initially by Marilyn saw the Highwoods pair holding one shot and Greg was then able to add a second before blocking the way for the Dedham skip. Despite Dedham's best efforts they were not able to get to the jack with Highwoods taking the two shots needed to win the match 7 - 6

Well done to all who took part with the Teams next match on Friday 12th January 2024 at Home to Langham.

Match 4 - Lawford v Highwoods - played on Friday 24th November 2023.

Hopes were high going into this match, that the Highwoods team would be able to find their winning ways again. However after a good first session, the second session saw two close matches but in both cases defeats resulted & the overall match was eventually lost 2 - 6.

The first Four of Sue Miller/John Essex/Glenyce King/Martin Bennet lost out on the early exchanges and were 2-7 down after 4 ends. However the team picked up well and went into the last end just 7-9 down. After a good start to the last end & holding the shots needed to draw/win it was the home team skip who was able to draw shot & the match was finally lost 7-10.

However the first Pair of Marilyn Bennet & Peter Orrin started slowly and were 0-3 down after 3 ends. From then on they took hold of the game with some excellent bowling and won comfortably by 16-6.

The second Pair of Debby Sherwood & Diane Orrin started well and were 3-5 down after 5 ends and still well in the game. However some strong bowling by the home team skip saw the Lawford Pair taking a further five shots in the final ends with an eventual defeat by 6-10-

The second Four of Irene Rule/Christine Woodrow/David Rule/Greg King started well and looked well on there way to a win leading 7-2 after 5 ends. However ends six, seven & eight saw the home team taking 7 shots to lead into the last end at 9-7. Despite the Highwoods Four's best efforts they were only able to pick up 1 shot to lose a close game by 8-9

 It leaves the Team struggling towards the bottom of the League in Sixth place. With the forthcoming match at West Bergholt now cancelled until the New Year the team have the Home game against Dedham on Friday 8th December to hopefully gain some much needed points and start climbing back up the league.

Match 3 - Home v Elmstead Market - Friday 17th Nov 23.

 After a promising League start, following two close drawn matches, the Highwoods team was looking to build upon this with a further good result in their home match against Elmstead Market. However it was not to be with some of the team not playing up to their normal levels and the match ended in a 2 - 6 defeat. 
The first session was close and a reasonable start for the team, with the Four of Christine Woodrow/Brenda Kettle/Debby Sherwood/Diane Orrin involved in a narrow defeat that turned in favour of the visitors on the 8th end. All through the match the scores had been close but on the 8th end the jack was unfortunately taken off and despite valiant efforts on the last end they lost by just two shots.
The first pair of Sue Miller & Sheila Near were involved in the a similar close match with scores level after 6 ends. However Sue & Sheila bowled beautifully on the last three ends to win the match by three shots. 
With scores level at the half way stage the expectation was at least another draw but some bad bowling in this second session by the home team was disappointing.
The second four of John Essex/David Rule/John Woodrow/Peter Orrin saw an extremely poor start and they were 0 - 7 down after 4 ends and 1 - 8 adrift after 6 ends. Although they won the last 3 ends the deficit was too big and they lost by three shots.
The second Pair of Marilyn Bennet & Greg King started well and after 4 ends were level. However a poor 5th & 6th end saw 6 shots then 3 shots taken against them, and against a strong Elmstead Market pair they never got back in the match to lose heavily. 
The team play at Lawford next Friday and are hoping for a better performance.
20/10/23 - League Match 2 - Away v Paxman
The Highwoods league team played their second match of the season and recorded a good away 4-4 draw, with some very close matches played.
The first session saw the First Pair of Irene Rule & Greg King starting well and only 3-4 down on shots after six ends. In that time Greg had made some excellent shots to keep the pair in the game. However end seven was vital with the home team taking three shots and another three shots on the last two ends ended with a 3-10 defeat.
The First Four of Joan Clark/John Essex/David Rule/Martin Bennet were involved in an extremely close match which was finally decided on the last end and with the last bowl. The Highwoods Four took an early lead thanks to some excellent lead bowling by Joan well supported by John and were 6-2 up after six ends. However the home team rallied on ends seven and eight with Highwoods leading by just one shot going into the last end. With just one bowl to go from Martin the Home team were one shot up and heading for a draw but he was able to move the jack to give the team a 7-5 win.
The second session saw the Highwoods Four of Colin Hawkins/Brian Woodward (making his league debut for the Club)/Ray Spencer/Glenyce King playing well in the early stages and were just 5-6 down after five ends. However the team could not build upon the early momentum to lose 5-15.
The second pair of Marilyn Bennet & Diane Orrin were involved in an outstanding match of high quality which again went to the last bowl of the night. After a good early start by the Highwoods Pair who took one shot on the first four ends the home pair came back, with the score 5-5 going into the last end. Marilyn & Diane bowled an excellent last end sitting with a five shot advantage when the home skip bowled her last wood. However despite moving the jack it left the Highwoods pair still holding one shot to win 6-5.
Well done to the team on another good result

13/10/23 - League Match 1 - Home v West Bergholt

The Highwoods team played their first match of the new Colchester League season when they played at home against West Bergholt.

It was a good match for both teams result wise, ending in a 4-4 draw
However outstanding games by both of the Highwoods Fours saw large Home victories with total shots on the night 47-17. The Home team Pairs were involved in close matches but in both cases the West Bergholt team snatched victory on the last end by just 1 shot.
In the first session the Highwoods Four of Irene Rule/Brenda Kettle/Debby Sherwood/Diane Orrin (Debby making her league debut for the club) were all in outstanding form, and recorded a sizeable victory by 24-1.
The first Highwoods Pair of Sue Miller & Peter Orrin were involved in a close and competitive match and after some excellent bowling by both Pairs  the score was 5-5 going into the last end. However the Away Team Pair were able to get on the jack and despite best efforts, they were able to win by one shot.
The second session saw a similar pattern with the Highwoods Four of Joan Clark/Heidi Woolley/Glenyce King/Martin Bennet (Joan & Heidi making their league debuts for the Club) all bowling well throughout and winning comfortably by 12-2.
The second Highwoods Pair of Sheila Near & Greg King were involved in another close & competitive match with the scores level at 4-4 after 7 ends. However end 8 proved to be the turning point when Sheila & Greg dropped 3 shots. On the last end the jack was moved early and the West Bergholt skip was able to knock the jack off to record their victory again by just one shot.
Well done to all who took part.