The Club is represented by two teams, the Reds and the Blacks.

We currently enter teams in the Colchester West and Colchester East Winter Leagues.

All home games are played at the Highwoods Sports Centre on Tuesday evenings. Fixtures and results for the current season are shown below.

You can check on the full league results and league tables by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

30th March 2020 - The ECCBA declare that, due to coronavirus, the 2019/20 Winter League has been declared void.

Colchester League - Winter 2019/20
Red Team - Colchester West/TENS Black Team - Colchester East
Date Oppositiion H/A Result Date Oppositiion H/A Result
Sep 27th Paxman A D 4-4  Oct 1st Gt Bentley H W 6-2 
Oct 8th Prettygate H W 6-2  Nov 13th Gt Bromley A L 8-0 
Oct 23rd RHP Black (Cup) A L 8-0 Nov 19th Lawford H D 4-4 
Oct 25th Feering Gold - TENS A L 6-2  Nov 29th Gt Bentley A W 6-2
Oct 29th RHP Black (Cup) H W 8-0  Dec 3rd Elmstead Mkt H W 6-2 
Nov 13th Birch Teys A L 6-2  Dec 17th  Dedham (Cup) H L 5-3 
Nov 26th Feering Gold H L 7-1  Jan 7th Gt Bromley H W 7-1 
Dec 2nd Prettygate - TENS A  Postponed Jan 16th Elmstead Mkt A L 6-2
Dec 10th High Easter (Cup) H W 5-3 Jan 28th Dedham (Cup) A L 8-0 
Dec 13th Feering Gold A L 8-0  Feb 4th Langham H W 5-3
Jan 14th Prettygate - TENS H W 5-3  Feb 13th Lawford A D 4-4 
Jan 23rd Birch Teys TENS A D 4-4  Feb 25th Dedham A L 8-0 
Jan 28th Paxman H L 5-3 Mar 23rd Langham A  
Feb 5th High Easter (Cup) A L 8-0 Mar 31st Dedham H  
Feb 11th Feering Gold - TENS H W 8-0         
Feb 19th Prettygate A D 4-4        
Feb  25th Birch Teys H L 7-1         
Mar 10th Paxman - TENS H L 5-3        
Mar 16th Prettygate TENS A          
Mar 27th Paxman - TENS A          
 Apr 7th Birch Teys - TENS           
Full League Results     Full League Results    
League Table     League Table