We run several competitions each year for all Club Members.
The competition winners for recent past years are shown below.
Year  Competition  Winners
2019 Friends Trophy  Diane Reeves
  Winter Fours  Sue Miller, Diane Reeves, David Rule, Gary Owen
  Summer Tea Fours   Carol Curd, Jackie Youngs, Peter Orrin
  Summer Pairs  Carol Curd, Collin Miller
 2018 Friends Trophy  Margaret Brown
  Winter Fours  Carol Curd, Diane Reeves, Peter Near, Gill Waters
  Summer Tea Fours   Tony Martin, Diane Reeves, Stan Stubbing, Gill Waters
  Summer Pairs  Diane Reeves, Gary Owen
2017 Friends Trophy John Minney
  Winter Fours Sue Miller, Gill Spurgeon, Peter Near, Colin Hawkins
  Summer Tea Fours Irene Rule, Christine Woodrow, Brenda Kettle, Diane Orrin
  Summer Pairs Marilyn Bennet, Peter Orrin
  Autumn Triples Stan Stubbings, John Minney
2016 Friends Trophy Peter Orrin
  Winter Fours Marilyn Bennet, David Rule, Malcolm Spurgeon, Martin Bennet 
  Summer Tea Fours Terry Reeves, Brenda Casey, Brenda Kettle, Ray Spinks
  Summer Pairs Marilyn Bennet, Peter Orrin
  Autumn Triples Pam Smith, Mary Martin, Peter Orrin
2015 Friends Trophy Diane Reeves, John Woodrow
  Winter Fours Terry Reeves, Christine Woodrow, Robert Foster, Sheila Near
  Summer Tea Fours Tony Martin, Liz Whiting, Irene Rule, John Minney 
  Summer Pairs Keith Waters, Peter Orrin 
  Autumn Triples Eileen Kowacs, Stan Stubbings, Sheila Near 
2014 Friends Trophy Mary Martin
  Winter Fours Margaret Brown, Karen Skinner, Irene Webb, Ray Spinks 
  Summer Tea Fours Mary Martin, Jim Stewart, Sue Miller, Peter Orrin 
  Summer Pairs Diane Reeves, Peter Orrin 
  Autumn Triples Gary Owen, John Woodrow, Terri Collier 
2013 Friends Trophy Gary Owen
  Winter Fours Eileen Kowacs, Margaret Stewart, Irene Webb, Keith Wyatt 
  Summer Tea Fours Gary Owen, Margaret Brown, Peter Orrin 
  Summer Pairs Terry Reeves, Sheila Near 
  Autumn Triples Keith Waters, Brenda Hawkins, John Curd 
2012 Friends Trophy Irene Webb 
  Winter Fours Pearl Rogers, Brenda Casey, Stan Stubbings, Peter Near 
  Summer Tea Fours David Rule, Diane Reeves, Ken Ellsmore, Ray Spinks 
  Summer Pairs Irene Rule, Glenyce King 
  Autumn Triples Tony Martin, Irene Webb, John Curd 
2011 Friends Trophy Irene Webb
  Winter Fours Pearl Rogers, Mary Martin, Stan Stubbings, Martin Bennet 
  Summer Tea Fours Carol Curd, Joan Rugg, Ken Ellsmore, Colin Miller 
  Summer Pairs Sue Miller, John Curd 
  Autumn Triples Dave Gamble, Brenda Hawkins, Peter Orrin 
2010 Friends Trophy Irene Webb
  Winter Fours Eileen Kowacs, Victoria Winter, Gill Waters, Ray Spinks 
  Summer Tea Fours Terry Reeves, Diane Reeves, Charlie Dansey, Ray Spinks 
  Summer Pairs Margaret Brown, Diane Orrin 
  Autumn Triples Brenda Hawkins, Sue Miller, Jackie Youngs 
2009 Friends Trophy Callum McGuffie
  Winter Fours Marilyn Bennet, Keith Waters, Les Salmon, John Curd 
  Summer Tea Fours Carol Curd, Joan Rugg, Sheila Near, Glenyce King 
  Summer Pairs Joan Silversword, Sheila Near 
  Autumn Triples Brenda Casey, Gary Owen, Ray Spinks 
2008 Friends Trophy Peter Orrin 
  Winter Fours Molly McClaren, Joan Silversword, Pat Robson, Ken Robson 
  Summer Tea Fours Keith Waters, Gill Spurgeon, Gina Ellsmore, Ray Spinks 
  Summer Pairs Gill Spurgeon, Irene Rule 
  Autumn Triples Joan Silversword, David Gamble, Greg King 
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