2018/19 Winter Fours Competition

 The final took place on 28th March 2019 between Team 3 (Sue Miller, Diane Reeves, David Rule and Gary Owen) and Team 9 (Carol Curd, Malcolm Spurgeon and Colin Hawkins).

Team 3 started well, winning the first four ends and establishing a 6-0 lead. Despite a valiant effort by Team 9 in the next three ends Team 3 won the eighth end by 5 shots to complete a comfortable 13-2 win.

A special mention must be made of the achievement of Di Reeves, who has won and currently holds all four of the Club's regular competitions! Well done Di. Smile 

Team Details

Competition Progress Chart

Results Update

Semi Finals

 Team 9 beat team 6 by 11 shots to 5

 Team 3 beat team 5 by 11 shots to 7

 Round 2 (Complete)

 Team 6 beat team 8 by 10 shots to 3

 Team 9 beat team 11 by 16 shots to 4

 Team 3 Beat team 2 by 10 shots to 6

 Team 5 beat team 4 by 12 shots to 6

 Round 1 (Complete)

 Team 9 beat team 10 by 9 shots to 5 

 Team 2 beat team 1 by 10 shots to 8

 Team 6 beat team 7 by 16 shots to 4

2018/19 Winter Fours Competition

The draw for the team make-up and fixtures has now been made, click on the links below for full details of the eleven teams taking part. As with the recently completed Summer Pairs, deadline dates have been set for each of the rounds. These dates are as follows:

Round 1- By 30th November (3 matches)

Round 2 - By 31st January (4 matches)

Semi-Finals - By 28th February

Final - By 28th March

It is the responsibility of each team to agree fixture dates with their opponents and inform John Woodrow of the agreed date. More than one game can be played on the same night.